Pomerania is a rising star in the fired of AI. AI is revolutionizing the world and Tricity is where you want to be if you want in on the action. From IVONA to Alexa, from local startups to Fortune 500 brands, we have it all! The number of companies in the AI sector has been growing rapidly in Tricity since 2015, making Gdańsk the second most promising location in Poland when it comes to AI potential, according to the recent Digital Poland report.


Acoustic Marketing Poland

Acoustic, which separated from IBM and debuted as a standalone marketing cloud in the summer of 2019, focuses exclusively on the needs of marketers. Its purpose-built solutions powered by artificial intelligence offer digital and mobile marketing analytics, tools for marketing automation and content management tools to more than 3,500 brands spanning industry sectors and 70+ countries.
The company’s streamlined, privacy-first open platform connects, dissects and analyses data from internal and external sources, providing marketers with valuable insights and a completely customized experience.

We have curved Acoustic out of IBM, to create nimble, agile company with great products and amazing people. We are building solutions that enable Marketing Professionals to drive brilliance in their activities.
We have embedded AI into marketer’s workflow. Be it automated recognition of content themes and tags, automated cropping, best subject lines recommendations or advanced anomaly detec

Mateusz Urban

AI Bay – Bay of Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the club is to integrate people’s competences and access to resources in the field of artificial intelligence, aimed at increasing scientific achievements, developing innovative AI solutions and popularizing AI. The club operates at the Gdańsk Univ. of Technology and is open for the cooperation with any interested organization or person.

AI Factory

AI Factory is a Polish company developing AI solutions for merchandising. Their solutions are used in a variety of sectors and products, from automatic shelf audit, petrol prices tracking, hot-dog grill monitoring to anti-fraud image detection. They also offer a full analysis of the product packaging of products moving on a conveyor belt and image analysis equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

+48 508 206 348

Aidmed Sp. z o. o.

Aidlab was created from scratch to fulfill a dream about a device that could be an intelligent personal assistant for everyone. As impossible as it seems, that was the first thought which started the project. We want to give everyone an electronic doctor, fitness instructor, and advisor, always next to you.


Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions enabling the future of mobility. Aptiv’s Autonomous Mobility team is focused on developing and commercializing autonomous vehicles and systems that enable point-to-point mobility via large fleets of autonomous vehicles in challenging urban driving environments. 


BrainScan uses machine learning to reduce the cost and interpretation time of a brain computed tomography. They work on lowering the possibility of misdiagnosis in radiology and speed up the interpretation process by supporting Radiologists with an AI-based tool that localizes, classifies and compares CT scans and integrates it into their existing workflow.

+48 790 339 419

Currenda Sp. z o.o.

Currenda Sp. z o.o. works on using intelligent ICT systems in the justice system, digitalization and automation of document classification processes, implementation of intelligent technical solutions as a tool supporting legal professions, building secure simulation environments based on knowledge and data.

Klaudia Maciejewska

+48 668 225 086


DAC specializes in software development and hardware integration. The company develops tools for supporting the AI ​​training process, implementing models in the production environment in the continuous delivery – continuous integration mode, as well as managing the machine unlearning process. The company has applications in the area of ​​ML or edge ML.

DiabetesLab Poland

DiabetesLab focuses on data analytics software solutions for people with diabetes. Their technology analyzes health information from different sources and provides feedback on how to improve diabetes therapy, thus reducing costs for healthcare providers and people living with diabetes.

+48 (58) 743 64 17


Digital Innovation Hub is a place where small entrepreneurs, large companies as well as business environment organizations and representatives of public administration receive support in the digital transformation process. Activities carried out by DIH are to reach a wide audience. DIH4.AI is a natural response to the growing demand related to modern technologies, in particular Artificial Intelligence. The aim of our activities is to increase the overall use of modern technologies in the polish economy. DIH4.AIis a place where you can get answers to all questions related to new technologies. The competences of our Hub include both directly cooperating experts and the nationwide network of Digital Innovation Hubs.


DLabs.AI employs data science and machine learning to create intelligent solutions that maximize the efficiency of business workflows and human activity. The interdisciplinary team at DLabs assists businesses every step of the way – from UX to AI – in designing and developing a dedicated solution to deliver optimal results. 

Employ data science and machine learning to create intelligent solutions that maximize the efficiency of business workflows and human activity. Our interdisciplinary team at DLabs assists you every step of the way – from UX to AI – in designing and developing a dedicated solution to deliver optimal results for your business.

+48 (58) 743 64 17


Finastra is building an open platform that accelerates collaboration and innovation in financial services, creating better experiences for people, businesses and communities. Supported by the broadest and deepest portfolio of financial services software, Finastra delivers this vitally important technology to financial institutions of all sizes across the globe, including 90 of the world’s top100 banks. Our open architecture approach brings together a number of partners and innovators. Together we are leading the way in which applications are written, deployed and consumed in financial services to evolve with the changing needs of customers.

Habana Labs

Habana Labs is an AI Processor company founded in 2016 to develop from the ground-up processor platforms that are optimized for training deep neural networks and for inference deployment in production environments. They are unlocking the potential of AI with solutions offering orders of magnitude improvements in processing performance, scalability, cost and power consumption.


Hackerspace Tricity is a tech hub, dedicated to facilitating connections between specialists of many fields: STEM professionals, DIY enthusiasts and other people interested in new technologies. Together, we are the largest tech community in northern Poland. We share knowledge, set up meetings and create projects using the coolest tech available.

Hapag – Lloyd AG

Hapag-Lloyd’s AI Team analyzes, builds & deploys AI-Modules and supports the Product Teams to integrate, operate and optimize them. Based on the Agile and DevOps ways and using now technologies like ML and NLP we are on the journey to target a fully automated transport value chain. AI is one of the Hapag-Lloyd’s most important blocks to ensure our business processes quality and its automation success.

Intel Technology Poland

Harnassing the power of AI, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges and the System Software Group within the company powers this growth by developing software for Intel specialized accelerators aimed at learning neuron networks. They also deal with complex R&D affecting the architecture of future generations of these accelerators. 

This is the group responsible for integrating frameworks for Deep learning, using Image Classification/Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Distributed AI. 

Leszek Stanulewicz


Neoteric specializes in intelligent systems around predictive analytics and recommendation engines. The solutions they develop help companies gain a better understanding of their customers, reduce and prevent churn, benefit from dynamic pricing, and discover the best learning opportunities for their employees.


The NUADU platform is an educational app designed to provide each student with a unique learning experience based on their proficiency, which it measures. The data-driven system helps to identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge these gaps effectively. Content for the platform is provided by a range of renowned educational publishers.

Michał Korpys

OKE Poland Sp. Z o.o.

Civileo is a modern Smart City solution for automatic image and sound analysis of public spaces. In addition, it allows measuring meteorological parameters, controlling LED lighting and creating statistics based on the recorded data. The system is integrated with the application to neighbourly communication – Vileo.

+48 58 321 72 46

Quantum CX

Quantum CX sensors can detect smiles of customers and employees. Employees collect points for smiles in order to be able to exchange them for prizes. In addition, customers’ smiles can be exchanged for charitable contributions. Thanks to this, everyone has a good reason to smile. The company, by building a habit of smiling among employees, increases quality of service and happy customers.

Bartosz Rychlicki

REXS.IO Sp. z o.o.

REXS.IO provides big data authentication technology using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The company offers a solution to protect AI against poisoning (AI poisoning prevention).

Samurai Labs

Samurai Labs is an artificial intelligence laboratory that detects and prevents online violence, including harassment, sexual attacks, threats, incitement to violence, blackmail or pedophilia. High detection precision is possible thanks to the approach based on the so-called the third wave of artificial intelligence combining Machine Learning / Deep Learning statistical methods with inference based on language and expert knowledge.


SentiOne offers a number of AI-based marketing solutions the most popular of which are SentiOne Listening – a tool for monitoring Internet users’ statements and SentiOne React – an online customer service platform. SentiOne React AI, contains an extensive natural language processing engine NLU / NLP, which, based on deep machine learning combined with the use of language tools and grammar rules, allows recognition of intentions and extraction of their parameters.


Established in 2006, SII has grown from a one-person startup to one of the top IT and engineering services providers in Poland, employing more than 4000 experts. Using Machine Learning, they build solutions that enable accurate risk assessment of customer loss, build effective marketing campaigns, monitor and analyze fleet and production line productivity, employee turnover forecast, fraud risk assessment and others.

Dariusz Adamowski (Dyrektor Centrum Digital), Monika Jaworowska (Dyrektor Centrum Embedded), Dariusz Kowalski (Business Development Manager), Małgorzata Chańczak (Dyrektor Centrum Business Intelligence)

Toucan AI

Toucan AI’s mission is to create AI solutions which will have a positive impact on societies and the surrounding world. They use AI-based solutions to develop innovative products that improve the quality of our everyday life. They are currently working on Toucan Eye, an innovative mobile electronic device that helps visually-impaired individuals see and read in public spaces.

Toucan AI’s mission is to create AI solutions which will have a positive impact on societies and the surrounding world. We intend to achieve that goal through concentrating our research and development on versatile solutions applicable to commercial uses.

+48 58 712 94 94


Television – modern digital television services, including Smart TV, unique on the market, fiber-optic Internet, Mobile telephony and fixed-line telephony based on digital technology, Additional services, including: HBO, Eleven, CANAL +, CINEMAX, FilmKlub, Safe Internet, Quick Help, TIDAL, Lecton, GO ON and Press Online

VECTRA S.A., aleja Zwycięstwa 253, 81-525 Gdynia

(+48) 58 624 83 52


Voicelab.AI develops AI-powered voice technologies to automate sales and customer service. Harnassing the power of deep neural networks, Voicelab.AI has built a platform for building voice bots, chatbots, voice assistants to analyze phone calls for call centers and other customer service businesses.

Tomasz Szwelnik


The world has already appreciated Pomerania as the place to do business. The companies know that our technical university offers access to highly educated engineers who are able to implement software based on Machine Learning and use available Neural Network libraries. They are literally a red-hot commodity worldwide.

Marek Trojanowicz,

The local AI community is young and not very big yet, but people here have this up and going attitude. Perhaps because it’s historically been a port city, Tricity has this open mentality and there is an atmosphere of entrepreneurship and willingness to act.

Jacek Kawalec, Voice Lab.

Currently, more or less every institute here is involved in artificial intelligence education and research to some extent

Dr Jacek Lebiedź, head of the Immersed Spatial Visualization Laboratory at GUT.